Choosing The Best Eye Care Regimen

Choosing The Best Eye Care Regimen

Keep Your Eyes Healthy While Wearing False Lashes

Faith Carlson

There is no doubt about it — false lashes are gorgeous. However, when it comes to eye health, false lashes can be determinantal, especially if the necessary precautions aren't taken. 

Avoid a Bargain Application

A safe, quality lash application is not cheap. If you find a technician willing to perform the service for a fraction of the normal cost, there is a reason why. A person that offers their services for very cheap probably doesn't have the credential necessary to perform the service, which means they're less likely to perform it correctly and more likely to put your eye health at risk. Certified technicians know how much distance needs to be put between the extension and the eyelid and ensure their utensils are sterilized. 

Keep It Simple

Keep your lash application simple. Not only will a modest application look more natural, but it's also a safer method. For instance, lash applications with glitter are dangerous because some of the glitter will undoubtedly make its way into your eye. The glitter could contain all sorts of potentially harmful chemicals that could irritate your eye or cause an infection. Long lashes can weigh down the natural lashes, which could cause the false lash to fall off and potentially land in your eye. Short, natural-looking lashes are generally the best option. 

Get a New Application

Never get a new false lash application until you have removed the previous application. False lashes don't magically adhere to your natural lashes. An adhesive is used to secure the two together. If you get a new application without completely removing the previous one, you'll end up with a buildup of glue settled around your eyelid. Similar to glitter, glue contains all sorts of chemicals that could be potentially dangerous. Make an appointment to have the previous lashes removed, and maybe even give yourself a short break before you have the new lashes installed.  

Learn the Warning Signs

You must know what an allergic reaction or infection looks like so that you can remove the lashes and visit a healthcare provider as soon as possible if necessary. Generally, an adverse reaction to the lashes or adhesive will cause the eyelid to swell and sting, and you might even form a rash. Eye infections generally involve discoloration of the eye, swelling, and the formation of a style. If you notice any of these symptoms, remove the lashes and visit a doctor. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the effects of wearing false lashes, contact an eye doctor for further assistance. 


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