Choosing The Best Eye Care Regimen

Choosing The Best Eye Care Regimen

Three Simple Repairs You Can Make To Your Eyeglass Frames To Save Money

Faith Carlson

People who depend on eyeglasses know what a pain it is to have your frames and their parts break. Since you need the glasses to see to drive, you usually have to find some way to hold things together until you can get to an optical department or store somewhere. Typically, that costs you time and money, since most people cannot be without their glasses and may have to take off from work to get their glasses fixed. Before you have to make time and spend money fixing your eyeglass frames again, here are three simple repairs you can do yourself and you only need a micro-screwdriver kit to do them.

Replacing Bald Micro-Screws

If you take your glasses off right now, you can look in the corners by the lenses or by the nose pieces (if you have them) and see these teeny-tiny screws holding things together. These screws frequently come loose and fall out, which is one reason why so many people end up in an optical shop. If you have a micro-screwdriver set, you can take out one of the tiny screwdrivers and regularly tighten these screws to keep them from falling out. Over time, some of these screws may become bald, meaning that their threads are worn down and will not hold the screws in place. Then you can buy replacement screws for just a few pennies, and use your micro-screwdrivers to replace the bald screws.

Replacing the Ear Pieces

The folding ear pieces of your glasses can be changed whenever you want. In fact, once you learn how to switch these components, you may want to do it more often as a means of accessorizing and matching your glasses to the rest of the your wardrobe. To do so, you simply need to find the joints where the ear pieces meet the front of the frames. Unscrew the screws in these joints, and be sure to save the screws. Take the new ear pieces and match them up into the joints. Now use the old screws to secure them in place. This is also a very useful thing to know when you accidentally snap or break one of the folding ear pieces.

Cleaning the Edges of the Lenses

If you have metal frames, the metal tends to accumulate a sticky, greenish sort of corroded yuck all along the edges of your lenses. If you want to clean this off of the lenses, you need to first remove them from the frames. Find the two screws that keep the frames in a tight grip around your lenses and unscrew them. the lenses should just fall right out, so be careful to do this over a soft surface at a table. Using a soft optical towel and lens cleaner, clean this greenish yuck off of the edges of the lenses and then carefully clean it off of the frames. Now reinsert the lenses and screw the screws back into place in the frames.

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